Eating Disorders

You will see on this site that eating disorders are a serious mental illness that are commonly misunderstood and ignored. Living in Asia can be especially tricky when it comes to lack of resources and understanding. Continue reading if you want to learn more and discover why we NEED TO…

  1. Debunk the myths about eating disorders.
  2. Raise awareness of their prevalence and warning signs.
  3. Understand that they are not about food, they are about coping
  4. Provid better ways of coping for those at risk (everyone)
  5. Recognize that we need more services in Asia for this problem
  6. Fight to improve on the current situation

Check out the additional information on this site or on those sites referenced in my external links page for more details on what eating disorders are or check out my blog for real life stories of what living before, during and after an eating disorder is really like.

Here are some of my favorite articles to give you a perspective of the challenges my family and I faced as a result of my illness:

And don’t forget to check out the many ways living in recovery is possible. Some of the following articles may give you a glimpse of freedom and tips on how to live in recovery:


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