Benefits of Eating Disorders









Eating disorders are a serious mental illness, there are no benefits of being trapped in one!!

Eating disorders are not just a desire to be thin. But this was one lie my eating disorder told me to lure me into the vicious cycle of restricting, purging and binging. There are other lies too, so let me just clear a few things up. I can confidently affirm that there are absolutely NO benefits to:

  1. Being malnourished
  2. Crash diets
  3. Eating as a way to soothe difficult emotions
  4. Comparing yourself to others
  5. Desiring to be someone else
  6. Waiting until tomorrow to get help

Trust me, I tried it all and I was miserable. You probably know this already, I knew but continued anyway. So how do we move on from this. Well, for starters check out the  benefits of recovery here and let’s begin to break the chains.

Still not convinced that ‘thin’ is not the way? Or perhaps you believe that finding comfort in food is the only joy you have left.  I hear you now…

  1. ‘But… you don’t understand, I need to be skinny in the career I want/have’
  2. ‘I just have a small appetite, I am not purposely skipping meals, I am just never hungry’
  3. ‘I am just on a detox until I fit into that dress, I will eat normally again after that’
  4. ‘I just overate, so I MUST starve myself for a few days to make up for it’
  5. ‘If I allow myself this, I will just keep gaining weight until I am obese’
  6. ‘It is just one more bite, I will eat less tomorrow’
  7. ‘If you felt like I do, you would need to comfort eat too’

As I said, I hear you. I even admit in one of my blog posts that I actually wanted to ‘catch’ an eating disorder… so I know all the excuses in the book and have made every justification I needed to stay sick for 22 long years. But I promise you that happiness is not found at the bottom of a KFC Family Bucket at 3am. You deserve to live a happy, healthy life. Life is more than food. Let’s do this together. Come with me to see the benefits of recovery.















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