Hi there, my name is Pam. I started this blog and informational site in 2018 to share my own recovery story and to provide useful information and tools for people who were looking to find help Asia. I lived in Hong Kong while at the height of my illness and in my early recovery and felt there could be more done to help people find information and connect with the right supports in the region. I have created this site for you if you suffer from an eating disorder, regardless of where you are located, and if you are in Hong Kong, hopefully you will find the links to more local resources useful.

I am now based in the UK, where I work as a life, career, and leadership coach for people who are looking for greater fulfillment in their own life. My battle with my eating disorder took up my entire life for almost 22 years. Today, life is fuller. I became a mum in 2019, changed careers to something that I love, and am embracing life on life’s terms. I am now free to experience my life in full color and my belief is that everyone deserves the support and love they need to live a full and free life too.

This site is for you and for your loved ones, who desperately want to help but don’t know how. I am not promising all the answers (recovery is a very unique process) but I want to offer you hope and some tools from my own journey of recovery.

I was a hopeless case and yet I made it through – you can too!

I suffered from an eating disorder since a very young age. After my 22 year battle against anorexia and bulimia nervosa I have finally broke the cycle of binging, purging and restricting. I was a ‘hopeless case’ yet I found recovery. If I can break the cycle, anyone can

You can read more about me and my story through  Aunty Pam’s weekly blog but for now here is just how hopeless my case was before I CHOOSE RECOVERY.

  • I binged and purged almost every day for 22 years
  • I suffered two seizures which almost took my life
  • I had to get all my front teeth crowned due to the erosion
  • I lost hair which took a long while to regrow
  • I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, suffered pneumonia and have had more than my fair share of flu, common colds and other medical conditions you can come to expect with a weak immune system
  • I have been hospitalized almost a dozen times for eating disorder related medical complications
  • I have been to inpatient facilities for eating disorders TWICE.
  • I have had outpatient treatment of every kind since I was 16.
  • I behaved in ways I am not proud of. I lied to people I loved, manipulated others, hid what I was doing, snapped at loved ones, I cheated myself and others out of peace of mind, and much much more. 

All this – and I am still here – stronger and more loving than ever. If you have experienced any of this or feel lost and confused about your problems with food, please do not suffer in silence. This site will provide some information on eating disorders but more importantly on recovery. Recovery is possible and you have a choice. PLEASE CHOOSE LIFE – THIS WORLD IS BETTER WITH YOU IN IT!


Aunty Pam

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