Hi there, my name is Pam. You can call me Aunty Pam if you would like, because I care about you already. I have created this site for you if you suffer from an eating disorder, especially if you live in central Asia. This site is for you and for your loved ones, who desperately want to help but don’t know how. I am not promising all the answers (recovery is a very unique process) but I want to offer you hope and some tools from my own journey of recovery.

You see, I have been where you are now. I suffered from an eating disorder since a very young age. After my 22 year battle against anorexia and bulimia nervosa I have finally broke the cycle of binging, purging and restricting. I was a ‘hopeless case’ yet I found recovery. If I can break the cycle, anyone can. Supported Recovery Asia was created in August 2018 to share real life experiences of the disease and recovery with those still suffering and to provide a platform for a better understanding of the disease in Asia.

Supported Recovery Asia Values

Being in recovery is all about living a life aligned with what you value. It is important to me that my personal values are reflected in the content and services of Supported Recovery Asia. Here is what you can expect from me, this site and all interactions with Supported Recovery Asia.


Recovery for me is about growth and being an authentic human being. I believe that we don’t need to sugar-coat reality because real life is beautiful even when challenging. Check out Aunty Pam’s Blog for some of my personal reflections even about the challenges I have and still face in life.


Together is always better. By spotlighting eating disorder specialists in Asia, Supported Recovery Asia intends to encourage collaboration and knowledge share to better serve clients. Starting in September we will be showcasing relevant service providers who are willing to share their expertise with us on certain topics and provide us with new hope.


I believe in strengths-based-recovery and using ALL resources available to us. Supported Recovery Asia intends to use the internet and social media to be accessible to even the remotest parts of Asia. Technology enabled services will be showcased in order to widen our horizons. Over time, we will be looking at providers of Skype services, Apps that are useful for supporting recovery and online training that can assist with community awareness of the issue.


People suffering from a mental illness are just people. When well, we can contribute tremendously to society and live a full and productive life. By educating the community on eating disorders I hope to dispel myths about this mental illness and to open a dialog that respects the input of those who suffer and those who don’t. Respect is also due for those caring for sufferers during the good and bad times. You deserve respect AND empathy and time for yourself too. Helping, supporting or even just being present while these diseases take hold is devastating and frustrating. I believe recovery includes building self-respect, respect for others and respect for the severity of the disease. With this respect we can set our expectations of the journey of recovery more accurately.


Beyond the darkness of an eating disorder is life beyond our wildest dreams. Supported Recovery Asia gives gratitude for life and presents the unique opportunities one has in Asia. You will find some blog articles relating to how to socialize in recovery as well as ways to enhance enjoyable experiences using gratitude, mindfulness and other tools. Fun is important to me and I expect it is important to you. Let’s live our best lives.

Getting Personal – More About Me

We will get to know each other much more through Aunty Pam’s weekly blog but for now here are some of the highlights.

  • I am Irish. I talk a lot and tell a lot of tall tales.
  • I laugh a lot, love a lot and live a lot better now I am in recovery. And also have bad days. I am human.
  • I am 35 and never getting any older so will not be updating this intro – ever.
  • I have lived in Hong Kong for over 6+ years and lived in London for 7 years before that.
  • I worked in FinTech for most of my adult life (Fintech is a cool new buzz word which basically means I work with the technology for financial firms – yes, banks). I have a computer science degree, despite having had ambitions of being either an actress or an engineer. Let’s just say I am a jack-of-all-trades.
  • I left my career and set up Supported Recovery Asia in 2018. The first services being the weekly blogs and specialist spotlights but I am also able to offer services as a ‘Eating Disorders Lived Experience Expert’.
  • I am eternally grateful to be alive and do realize how fortunate and blessed I am.
  • I dream of more travels, a big family and an easier path to recovery for everyone who is faced with an eating disorder in this life. Life is for living, learning and loving.

Life wasn’t always so hopeful. While my addiction was active I..

  • Binged and purged almost every day for 20+ years
  • Had two seizures, one of which nearly killed me due to purging
  • Had to get all my front teeth crowned due to the erosion
  • Had my hair fall out and become thin due to malnourishment
  • Was diagnosed with osteoporosis, suffered pneumonia and have had more than my fair share of flu, common colds and other medical conditions you can come to expect with a weak immune system
  • Have been hospitalized almost a dozen times for eating disorder related medical complications
  • Have been to inpatient facilities for eating disorders twice.
  • Have been having outpatient treatment of every kind since I was 16.

If you have experienced any of this or feel lost and confused about your problems with food, please do not suffer in silence. This site will provide some information on eating disorders but more importantly on recovery. Recovery is possible. You do have a choice.


Aunty Pam

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