Don't be alone in lockdown

My experience with isolation and some new details on virtual and phone supports at this time.

Let’s leave our food issues behind us and choose life!

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Welcome to, the new site to link sufferers of Eating Disorders living in central Asia with the latest and most relevant resources to help in their recovery journey.

There are so many great sites out there with a wealth of information about the latest treatments, self-help strategies, and research on eating disorders. However, it is often hard to decide where to go first and how to integrate certain strategies into life here in central Asia.

Having experienced this horrible disease myself for many years and having felt alone with the lack of resources in Asia; I have decided to take action. I live in Hong Kong and travel around the region to see friends and soak up what Asia has to offer regularly. Being an expat, I also have frequent trips back home for weeks on end to reconnect with family. All of this poses some real big challenges when it comes to sticking to treatment guidelines but I have found ways to live a fuller happier life here and find unique opportunities for recovery despite my illness and my surroundings. In fact, I would not choose a better place to be in recovery than beautiful, colorful, fun and alive Asia.

My pledge to you is that my weekly blog will show how I incorporate the latest coping strategies and recovery tools into my life and that I will find the experts in this field who are willing to help us navigate life in recovery.

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